5 best mobile games of 2020

Best mobile games of 2020

Being far from being the most mobile of gamers, I was surprised to notice that the number of strong releases for touch devices for 2019 was just on a compact list of the best – which I will immediately share.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It would be foolish to ignore the move of one of the most popular shooters from PC / consoles to smartphones. And Call of Duty Mobile deserves attention. Completely free, with excellent graphics, a bunch of skins, weapons, modes – including the “Royal Battle”.

Best mobile games of 2020

It’s also nice that the game’s optimization is powerful enough to run with decent FPS on flagships and mid-budget. I dare say that the optimization is even better than that of PUBG Mobile … But this is inaccurate.

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Stardew valley


The launch of one of the most charming games of 2017 on touch screens is a significant event. And Stardew Valley, it touches directly. This is a mixture of a farmer simulator, adventure and social. Yes, and in pixel graphics!

A cozy, fun and exciting toy that was surprisingly well ported to smartphones and touch screens. Yes, and with full localization in Russian! Yes, Stardew Valley is not free, but it is now being sold at a discount, so fly on.

Auto chess

Auto Chess as the name of the genre is yet another proof that mods rule the world. Initially a modification for DotA 2, this little thing grew into its own genre branch, giving rise to stepsons from other MOBAs, and having come to light Teamfight Tactics and Dot A Underlords.

Auto Chess as a game is PC entertainment perfectly ported to smartphones. MOBA logic with heroes, skills and artifacts, transferred to the chess table, where the reaction speed is equal to strategic thinking. The game is free, so download and enjoy.

A funny adventure game from Devolver Digital, made not even in 10-bit, but in 2-bit style! The point is simple. Each game day lasts only 60 seconds, which is reminiscent of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, but in Minit it works for a comedic effect.

In general, this is a fun and cute adventure with a pleasant soundtrack, which, however, is slightly spoiled by the crooked implementation of the control. If this sounds tempting – we provide a reference.

The elder scrolls: blades

Best mobile games of 2020

Contrary to the hopes of a full-fledged port, say, Morrowind on Android (especially with an eye on GTA 3 / Vice City), TES: Blades is a separate project designed for touch screens. Free, and therefore – suffering from release from the sins of monetization, which were exacerbated by the transformation of Bethesda from a universal favorite in the shame of the year.Best mobile games of 2020 ,However  to deny one thing is stupid – this is a very high-quality project. Fascinating, beautiful, diverse, and after removing the timer from the chests – an almost flawless implementation of TES  on touch screens.

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