Gun War Shooting Games

Gun War

Gun War  Shooting Games 

 role playing game in the genre FPS (first-person shooter games) on the grounds of the namesake games for your console.
IRA  Gun War Shooting Games (as code software) different intaglio, and as a complex game of intrigue, rich dynamics, events.

Multiplayer game. The task of the players requires in this, for him alone or as part of the team to perform military and tactics of the task – to destroy enemies. The plot of the game involves a blank 124 game tasks. The game program works on the basis of artificial intelligence – it all in the back and each enemy is quite unique. For players, this means that by repeatedly performing the same task, they will not be able to take advantage of their previous gaming experience.

The Objectives are divided into 6 main categories :

1 ) Killing an enemy is a unique mission in the dual format;
2) Sniper – he performs secret missions to eliminate moving targets – enemies;
3) Saving a hostage is a team game, in which players perform missions;
4) War of the zombies, – in which players have to fight for zombies in the living space;
5) The search for treasures;
6) The Boss Battle is impossible the mission can only perform the best players.

Which are accompanied by evolving location maps. In the arsenal of virtual shooters games expect 50 copies of firearms. Each weapon unit lends itself to updating: even the most primitive of weapons (knife), by successfully completing the mission, you can transform into a super-weapon.

Perform military tactical task ,

. In the latter case, the players are mercenaries serving the same region, which pays more.
Reaching the players is recorded on their health and on the rating of a game green  house . The best players become the leaders of the game.

A feature of the game:
The developers have succeeded with the platform to transfer to mobile smooth graphics,

Application is specially designed for mobile running the Android operating system 

Superb sound effects and dynamic gameplay – that’s it, what you need to know the potential of a player, for only a second of l have tried their strengths in the mobile version Gun War  Shooting Games , to always remain his admirer! 

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