Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl

Introduction of the Game

The Fire boy and Watergirl game ceaselessly wind up in strange sanctuaries, each time attempting to escape them. To get away from they should settle perplexes and team up with one another. You can either play alone or move each character at once or attempt to move them together simultaneously. Cooperation is critical and you can’t finish level without utilizing both Fireboy and Watergirl. Every region has an alternate style Remember, fire and water absolutely cannot mix! On their way, the two characters should gather precious stones that have similar shading as themselves. In stages set apart with a diamond, both young girl and kid should gather the green precious stone. The quicker you find a good pace of each screen the higher score and positioning you will get.

Both characters should collect diamonds that have the same colour as themselves. Not with standing the one of a kind attributes of each character,

Fireboy and Watergirl

are so frightened of some other puddles, for example, green or dark one. They bite the dust quickly when hopping in these puddles, in this way the players need to remember this. We should control your character to maintain a strategic distance from these savage puddles. You can utilize transport ways to transport starting with one spot then onto the next in this part. You should utilize sticks or fastens to open entryways or let the stages move. Other than of those, make sure to keep away from watered zones with fire boy and to maintain a strategic distance from terminated zones with water girl,

The clever combination between a Fireboy and Watergirl will help you conquer the mysterious labyrinth and get lots of blue, red diamonds. This game has many levels with different levels of difficulty so that the more you play the more attractive.  Watergirl and Fireboy  need help to explore the Elemental Temples. Solve the puzzles, beat the times and collect all the diamonds! Play alone or with a friend to join Fire boy and Water girl in this new adventure! You have only two minutes to complete each single level so act fast and complete the level as soon as possible and don’t forget to look at the timer.

Fire Boy

Fire boy is a male character of the arrangement. He can gather red precious stones and securely cross the fire lakes. Water lakes and green mind-sets are fatal for him. He’s marginally more grounded than Water girl, as you’ll find in the Ice Temple, where the characters should confront the frigid and snow-secured loads.

Fire boy is resistant to fire he can stroll over pools of bubbling magma, yet he is the  startled of water. To assist him with trip of the sanctuary securely you should control him to the red exit. At each screen the objective is to find a good pace which will lead you to the following room in the sanctuary. The Fire boy should go to the enter way set apart in red. Fire boy moves quickly when walking on the ice.

Fire boy cannot jump Fire boy can alter the light beams through the crystals and mirrors to guide them to the light-delicate sensors, and by that have the option to change the various entryways and segments on the screen. In the sanctuary of Ice, laser bars can dissolve ice, and freezing beams freeze puddles with the goal that you can cross. Be that as it may, note, in the ice sanctuary. Fire boy shortcoming is that he is frightened of water. When Fire boy touch’s the water, he bites the dust quickly and makes the game over. At the point when players control Fire boy, they need to gather the red precious stone and lead him to the red leave entryway. Fire boy is entirely different character from water girl. He is strong and most of the boys choose this .

Water Girl

Water girl is a female character, and obviously, she’s frequently picked by female players. She can gather blue precious stones and securely cross the water lakes. Not at all like Fire boy, water girl needed to keep away from fire lakes. The green mind-set is additionally risky for her. She isn’t as solid as Fire boy, however it is very agile. Water girl should discover her way to the entryway set apart with a blue sign.
Water girl can adjust the light rays through the prisms and mirrors to direct them to the light-sensitive sensors and by that be able to change the different doors and components on the screen. In the temple of Ice, laser beams can melt ice, and freezing rays freeze puddles so that you can cross. But note, in the ice temple.

Firewater girl can touch the red gems, but she can’t collect them. water girl collects the blue gems. Watergirl will vaporize rapidly when jumping into the pools of boiling lava and makes the game over too. Water girl needs to collect all the blue diamond and tries to come to the blue exit door to level up. Water girl short coming is that she is frightened of fire. When water girl touch’s the fire, she bites the dust quickly and makes the game over. At the point when players control water girl, they need to gather the red precious stone and lead her to the blue leave entry way.

This is the helpful 2-player game. That implies that you can

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